Sunday, 9 November 2014

Green Dots Dress

Last year I attended a dress-making class, or rather, half a dress-making class, as work always called me away for field work just when I needed to be there. It meant that the dress I had started, the lovely V8723, was never finished. It sat in a pile, waiting for attention, and finally, for my parents' wedding anniversary in June this year, I managed to get it finished. 
The dress was pretty simple to make, though slightly more complex than a first make should be. It taught me a lot, however, and gave me many new techniques which I will remember now! It's a great little pattern, very handy, looks good with a cardigan, and very comfortable due to it being fully lined. It's made out of a green fabric with tiny cream polka dots and is lined in baby blue habotai, which is absolutely gorgeous (even though I think it's a polyester rather than the silk version!).
It doesn't fit absolutely perfectly, but I think it would be a miracle if it did, as I cut the wrong size of bodice. It's one of the 'Custom Fit' range, and that means that you cut the bodice depending on your cup size. I should have cut size a, but borrowed my friend's pattern for that evening, and cut b by accident. This meant that once the dress was all sewn up, I then had to unpick the sides of the bodice and the lining and take out about an inch either side. But....annoying though it was, it worked, and I ended up with a dress that I love and am immensely proud of!
Not bad for a first make, I think!

Well, the dress itself has a fitted bodice with small straps at the top. It's got pockets, which I love, a gathered skirt and it fully lined with a lapped zip. All of these, apart from pockets, were new techniques to me, but I found the instructions well laid out and easy to follow, the only difficulty came from my own error, and that would have helped if I had been able to attend the class as I had intended.

Has anyone else made this dress, or is anyone else intending to?

Thanks for reading!

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