Monday, 3 November 2014

New Blog!

Hello, and welcome!

Crochet while camping? Yes, sirree!
I normally blog over at, but have been desiring a place to showcase my makes for a while. This is because I have two sides to me. I am an ecologist with dreams of being a conservationist, and that's what I write about over there, but I am also very creative and, to stop the other blog becoming too muddled, want a place to showcase and share my makes. I knit, spin wool, sew and am a beginner crochet-er. Knitting and sewing are definitely my loves though!

I am an avid reader of the current sewing blog network, and take much inspiration from those other pages. I want to be able to enter the conversation and stop being such a lurker in the background! Hopefully this will encourage me to make more, try more new things and keep pushing myself. Although, I do have a slightly ambitious turn. I attended a dressmaking class last year, and have been having lots of fun since then experimenting and making clothes and accessories to wear and share.

See you soon, with some clothes!!

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