Sunday, 28 December 2014

Trousers of Comfort and Doom

Doom? Well...there should be rule to having the most comfortable pair of trousers known to mankind, as it can lead to wearing them every day for the rest of your life (or until they fall apart).

Tis these (I apologise for the shockingly bad photograph):
 McCall's 6514. I love these trousers so much that they have become my go-to for sitting in front on the telly of an evening. They are worn shopping when I can't be assed to be uncomfy, they walk dogs, garden, do pilates... They have never been slept in (too precious for that, heh) or properly hiked in. That's all.

They're loose, and comfy, and very badly made and just wonderful. My first garment (made before I heard that trousers can be tricky), but they used only very simple techniques. The elasticated waist means there's no fastenings. The pockets are a dream to behold, and they are long for my legs (an absolute luxury for my legs are longeth).

I made them in the summer last year, and when I say that they have become my go-to item of clothing I do not exaggerate. I wear them many evenings, to the extent that the derrier is now starting to go rather thin (the beautiful cotton is probably not hard wearing enough for this kind of wear). I am bereft when they're in the wash, and nothing else is quite this comfortable, and they are what I wear to sew. Overall, I love them.

Their faults:

Due to french seaming the interior (I'm nothing if not ambitious), when I needed to take the leg width in, I couldn't work out how to do the crotch again, cut into it by accident, and so I now have a hole instead of a crotch. You can't see it, but it does make me slightly ashamed to wear them in public...though it certainly doesn't stop me!

The rear is becoming rather shiny and thin due to too much sitting.

The fabric drops wrongly on the outside of the leg due to me taking fabric away from the inside, but not wanting to mess with the pockets so leaving excess fabric on the outside leg. It's okay, but does make them look rather homemade!

Overall, for a first garment, they are my favourite thing, ever. I will wear them to their death, and love them forever. My most worn item is also my least photographed. Never mind! That's just the way it goes.

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas. :)

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