Sunday, 4 January 2015

Sparkly Gloves

I made a pair of fingerless gloves recently, to go with my woodland cape that was finished a couple of months ago. The thinking was that these gloves would increase the wearable period of my cape by quite a margin. I've only worn them together a few times, and oh the joys! Loving it.

The gloves came from the book Simple Knitting by Erika Knight, and I do love this book. I might do a review on it elsewhere, as I do have another item lined up from it, but I need to work on my Anemone more before carrying on with any other knitting.

The wool is Rico Design Creative Reflection in a sort of charcoal colour with a silver line running through it. It was a bit rubbish to knit, as the silver was tighter than the wool so the wool would start to pull. I did care, then I decided not to, and just kept pulling the wool taut.
I like the pattern as it's got a left and a right glove, which means that they are very comfy. I do need to put a wee bit of red thread on the right one (red = right) though, as I keep getting them muddled at the moment. The instructions were sometimes a bit bare, which seems strange for a book for beginners, however, thanks to my recent projects I just added my own touches. For example, when you start knitting the separate bit that becomes the thumb, Erika tells you to turn knitting, then increase twice knitwise into the next stitch. However (and this may just be me) it doesn't work unless you wrap the next stitch and then go back. I couldn't work out how to increase into a stitch that I had just turned on. My wrapped way worked well for me though, and I think it is fine to do that. Also, I couldn't get Erika's numbers to work out!
It was definitely a case of having the right number of stitches on the needles, knitting a certain number, then knitting the rest, but the numbers still being out. No biggy, I just figured she hadn't counted right, but a little confusing and annoying.
Another thing is that these gloves used hardly any wool! The pattern recommends 2 balls of lightweight 50g DK. I used a ball of wool that fitted that description, and still have a quarter of one ball left! Bonus. Although....what else do I want to knit out of sparkly black wool? I am not normally a black clothes person, or very sparkly... We'll see, I'm sure the right pattern will appear one day!

I enjoyed knitting these. Due to the stresses of the season, it's been so nice to have a lovely stressless knit to do as I go. Anemone is still a bit stressful (though getting less so after last night) and so it was lovely to be able to do some relaxing knitting in the evening.

Have you been knitting anything to relax recently?

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