Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Joan of Arc Snood (Joannie)

Well, right from the start I loved this project. A snood big enough to wear as a hood, and styled on one of Europe's most interesting historical women? What's not to love?! 

I chose a Sirdar Kiko chunky yarn, and the colours are absolutely delish. The photos don't really do it justice, but it's like a Scottish moor in summer - the green of the grasses, sedges etc., and the purple of the heather bloom. I can almost hear the bees buzzing and smell the insanely sweet smell of heather blossom. 

But this is not an item for summer! This is most definitely an object of utter warmth. I've just worn it outside to walk my dog (even though I still have the ends to sew in....couldn't wait!) and it definitely passed the test. It's 1.6C out there just now and I was toasty warm! It was a doddle to knit, just moss stitch for the main body and a wee bit of garter stitch at the top and the bottom. It was knitted in the round, joining once the edge had been developed. But....I misread the instructions, and instead of joining it just kept knitting merrily so I ended up with a split too far up. 

I decided when I was adding the garter stitch to the cast on edge (where the error was made) to just make a slightly deeper layer of garter stitch at the back where it should have been joined, by wrapping my stitches, and this does mean that I have a much larger bottom edge than others. It doesn't show, I don't think, and it might even be an advantage in that it gives me more room to tuck the bottom edge under a jacket. No draughts are getting in here! 

I do feel slightly medieval in it, but in a good way I think! It's a very wearable snood, and if the need is there, it becomes a very wearable hood! I'm heading north to Dundreggan for the next week and it's one of the home-mades that is going with me. I doubt I'll wear it out in the field (imagine if I got it stuck to a fence when doing fence-removal!) but it will be great for the journey up and down for when I'm all chilly and tired! 

Are any of your tempted by medieval clothing? What do you think? Could it be the new fashion trend? 

Have a lovely week :)

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