Sunday, 1 March 2015

Orange Anemone

Anemone! After months of tears, taking back, fitting issues, adjustments….I finished her. In all her wondrous, orange glory!

I received the wool for my birthday last year, which has actually just passed this year, and this attempt was the third-time-lucky-if-this-one-fails-it’s-back-to-the-drawing-board and it didn’t fail! I have ended up with a jumper that I am immensely proud of and that is super toasty and warm!

The wool is gorgeous though it is going to be prone for piling. Luckily I have a wee pile remover things from Lakeland that is a lifesaver! Hopefully a stage will be reached where there is nothing more to pile…though that might be when there is no jumper left!

The colour makes me happy, the wee dimply anemone-sucker bits delight me, and I am so chuffed to have a jumper that actually fits and pushed my skills and my patience. I have not tried washing it yet, even though I should because I have been wearing it as much as I can get away with! But hopefully it’ll be okay. I’ll just do it on gentle as can be, and hope for the best. I will probably give the arms a wee bit more of a stretch when it’s done as well, just because, despite being the same length, the right on has the slight tendency to ride up a wee bit. 

I just really love the jumper and am very pleased with the knitting. and very pleased to be finished and able to move on to different projects!!!  

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