Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Sister Shift

Good day, all!

I've got my first proper bit of selfless clothing sewing to show you today! Most other gifts I've given people have been items such as knitting bags, or cushions, however, when I received this pattern free in Sew magazine, my sister was immediately smitten and begged me to make her one.

We found the fabric together, in the now deceased Mandors in Edinburgh. It was during the closing sale, and everything was half price. Due to chronic not-very-much-money-ism, I only bought a few bits of fabric, which I will, of course, now regret forever ;)

Anyway, this beautiful Liberty fabric was half price. For the life of me I cannot find the receipt and so tell you what price it actually was, and I also can't find any record of this fabric anywhere, so I cannot tell you much about it other than that it was fabulous to sew with, has a brilliant  pattern on it (figs!), and is beyond comfortable to wear. Absolutely gorgeous, and I might, just might, have enough to scrape out a t-shirt for myself from the scraps. Here's hoping!

Does anyone know what kind of fabric it might be? It's cotton, though I think there's some wool in there too, and it's got a slight stretch. Seems cosy, so I didn't worry about lining it, and it just feels absolutely delectable.
We changed the pattern quite a bit to flatter Jen's figure. It's nipped in more at the waist, and is shorter than the pattern called for. I also lowered the neckline a bit, and as a result it suits her so much. I did a Hong Kong seams on the centre front and back seams, and french seamed the rest...apart from the french darts as I couldn't work out how to do that. We are hoping that they won't fray too much, and will catch them before they fail if they start to.
This dress is my first facing, woo hoo! Made a little more tricky by changing the neckline, but I think I did okay. It does gape a wee bit when on, but in the circumstances I think it's fine. I did try it on, but I am a size bigger than Jen, and very differently shaped so it wasn't the comfiest, but it fits her well.

Overall, I really enjoyed making this dress! I will get photos of her but it won't be for another 9 months or so (she's now pregnant....!!), but in the meantime, you'll have to make do with these hanger ones. Sorry!
Back view. My zips are improving slowly...
So, this dress does mean that I may join the Liberty fan trail, as it was just magnificent to work with, but the joy of creating a dress that fits my lovely sister so well is second to none. Let's just hope she wears it when she can again!

Hope you have a lovely day, thanks for reading!

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