Monday, 6 July 2015

New Etsy Shop!

Hello dear readers,

I have just taken a step into a new venture.

I make these pictures for wedding gifts, and have decided to try and sell some to supplement my income.

If you like these pictures and are on Etsy, it would mean the world to me if you were able to share my page. I am on under HeatheryHandmade, and the address is:

This year I went self-employed. I earn my income from carrying out ecological surveys, included monitoring protected species, and plants and habitats. The work is excellent, but very variable. I end up with many quiet spells that leave me worried about where my next income is going to come from. I am setting up this shop with the aim of filling in some of these gaps, and helping me create a more constant stream of income. We'll see how it goes!

Any help would be hugely appreciated!


Saturday, 4 July 2015

Pomegranate Trousers

McCalls 6514 view a trousers
Another pair of incredibly comfy trousers. These are lounging trews, working at home trousers, flying trousers... Same pattern as before, McCall's 6514, with a few changes. Due to the largeness of the last pair, I knew that the pattern ran large, and decided to keep the waist measurements the same, and grade down to a 10 in the leg. I think the waist is a 14.
McCalls 6514 view a trousers
The fabric is rowan fabric in Pomegranate by Richard Mably (Spring 2013) in colourway Forest. It's quilting fabric then, but oh so lucious, and just perfect for these trousers, I think! The photo that's closest to how it actually is is this next one.
McCalls 6514 view a trousers
I bought 1.8m, having forgotten to check the pattern envelope prior to going shopping, and was shocked to lie it out and discover I couldn't fit the pattern on at all. This is becoming a bit of a habit! After a momentary panic, I worked out that by cutting each piece out individually I would be able to fit them all on....just. I have literally scraps left from the fabric so it was a real close one! Even though these are longer than the pattern pieces, I also had to shorten them a bit. They're still long enough, just, but I had to do that to allow me to fit it onto the fabric.
McCalls 6514 view a trousers
 The fit is a lot better than my other pair (which have been consigned to the cupboard since these were created) but the 14-10 adjustment means that there is quite a bit of excess at the front crotch. It's okay, but it needs considered for future.
McCalls 6514 view a trousers
Everything was french seamed in these, and I didn't need to cut away the crotch (hooray!), so that was definitely a win. And, until I made my summer skirt (linked above) which actually came after these trousers, these were the best thing I'd ever made. So it's nice to know that I'm improving!
McCalls 6514 view a trousers
I don't know if I'll make them again, not for a while anyway. I'm getting closer to needing to make a 'proper' pair of trousers. Something with slightly less comfort, and slightly more style! It has to happen one day...

You'll notice that I'm back to my rubbish photos, I could not get the exposure right with these ones, so sorry about that. And the creases on the trousers are totally the fault of the camera too. It wasn't anything like me being too lazy to iron before photographing, not at all ;)