Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Some handy wee bags

I've been working on my most complex project to date for the last few weeks, in between trips to Orkney and the likes, and I've also been knitting like fury because I'm about to be an auntie!! Eldest Bean is expecting her first baby in 13 days, and I'm knitting wee booties for the take-home-from-hospital for the wean, and it's really fun!

I started with the Chaussons Mignons pattern but it's morphed into something slightly different, and I just made up the size etc because the printer wasn't playing ball and I figured that it couldn't be that difficult. Well turns out it wasn't, and after making the prototype slightly too wide I think I'm onto a winner. A wee bit of me just keeps coming out in awwww's whenever I look at the finished boot, so that's gotta be a good thing, right?! It's not sewn up yet, I'm doing them both together, so that I could use the first to judge the correct pattern for the second, and I'll post about them when I've done.

Anyway, what this all meant was that my wee mesh bag that Love Knitting delivers wool in was becoming shredded with my double pointed needles (I'd already used the bag to hold my socks when they were being knitted up) and it was starting to drive me crazy, so I decided to make a bag!

This took me approximately an hour, and it's all from my stash, with the ribbons from the Love Knitting bag. I basically just copied it, because it is such a handy design - the wool stays inside while you pull the tail through the drawstring. Thus meaning that the ball doesn't go rolling over the floor, but stays nice and compact in the bag!

The lining in super smooth to allow easy unravelling of the wool from within the bag, and the ties go through a channel formed between the outer and the lining. A super easy make that I am super pleased with. I've only got my buttons to put on my shirt now and I'm dreading that bit, so this lovely easy project was just what I needed!

While I was here, I also thought I could post a wee bag that I made several years ago, but which is the handiest wee thing I could possibly make. This is my knitting accessories bag, and it contains scissors, measuring tape, pins, stitch markers and a couple of cable pins and a pencil. 

It's made from Noro wool, pretty much the only crochet that I've ever done and has a lovely dense floppiness about it! Hard to describe! It's lined in a wee bit of fabric I picked up, and the zip was one I had already. It's just double crochet, and I continued until I thought it was the right size. I love it. and use it all the time! 

That's basically all I have to say about it, but I love it and although crochet hasn't always been my best friend, I do really like the effect it's had here! 
Do you have a knitting bag that you just love, or do you make many wee bags just for sheer handiness of having them around? I think I might become slight addicted to this..! 

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